Changing clients' futures

Managing your money can be confusing and overwhelming. We can help simplify it for you. For over 25 years we've helped individuals and families plan for their futures and find the investment balance that's right for them.

It's easy for most investors to get lost in all of the alternatives available to them. Stories from investment companies abound about why their investment strategies, mutual funds, ETFs, hedge funds, etc. are better than the others, but there is often no evidence that those investments will work well in the long run. 2012 Nobel Prize winner Eugene Fama says "In academic finance, there are three to five ideas that survive every 20 years. In marketing and applied finance [aka Wall Street investment companies], there are ten new products a week."1

At McCallister Financial Group we look to the professors of some of the finest academic institutions, those three to five ideas that may survive, and Nobel Prize-winning concepts to guide our investments. You can learn more about these concepts on our investment philosophy page.

The bottom line is that we believe a well-engineered, globally diversified, regularly rebalanced portfolio is the best path to investment success.

We believe that the education and coaching we provide to our clients is as important to your success as your portfolio. Establishing a plan for your investments is only the first step toward securing your future. With the constant barrage of fear and greed in the press and on the internet, it can be difficult to maintain your plan. Our solution is to help our clients gain a solid understanding of what they're invested in, why they're invested in it, and what to expect from it.  To do that, we hold regular client education events that we encourage clients to attend. We also send out monthly messages covering different timely topics that we think are important for our clients to know.

Imagine the peace of mind you could have if you knew you were invested in portfolios based upon Nobel-Prize winning ideas from the some of the brightest minds in academia. Imagine that you understood why the ideas made the most sense. Imagine that you had complete confidence in your financial future. That's the mindset that we aim to achieve for our clients. Our experience tells us that even people who initially feel like they don't understand anything can learn to become comfortable and confident with their investments through our education and coaching.